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Francee "Lilwonder" Boulware

Musical Director and Bandleader

Instrument(s): Keyboard, Organ, Bass, Electric Guitar, Drums
Place of Birth: Chester, PA
Current Residence: Townsend, DE

Musical Background:  Owner of Divine Purpose Entertainment / Fuzaholics Band. Francee is an accomplished musician, music educator, producer, songwriter from Wilmington, DE. Francee is an alumna of Delaware State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Music Education. She has studied with prominent classical and jazz educators throughout the United States. Since graduating, she has gone on to work in stages and on performance stages across the US. Francee has had the opportunity to have music featured on major TV and radio and has produced on a number of artists records such as Kefia Rollerson (Season 6 Runner up "Sunday's Best) "Moving On", Ratu Sugutaraga (Australian Contemporary Gospel Artist),  Leon Monroe, Colby Bright, Mar Var, and Vokyle. Francee is the proud owner of Divine Purpose Entertainment and Fuzaholics Band.

Musical Influences: Chick Corea, Herbie Hancock, Stevie Wonder, Quincy Jones, Prince, Cory Henry, Art Tatum


Teddy Robinson

Instrument(S): Electric & Fretless Bass
Place of Birth: Coatesville, PA
Current Residence: Bear, Delaware

Musical Background: Former owner of Reminisce Recording Studio. Ted is an accomplished self-taught bass player from a long line of family musicians. He has performed for over 25 years as both a live cover band musician and a session recording musician; Including many appearances as a live musician for various stage plays. Teddy's love is for old school Funk, R&B, Contemporary Jazz and Contemporary Gospel.

Musical Influences: (Bass Players) - Stanley Clark, Gerald Veasley, Victor Wooten, Marcus Miller, Nathan East
(Groups) – Earth, Wind & Fire, Frankie Beverly & MAZE, Cameo, Mandrill, Four Play

Bill Mitchell "KOOCH"

Honorary Member

Instruments: Electric Guitar(s), Bass, Acoustic and Percussions

Place of Birth: Chester, PA / Current Residence Wilmington, DE

Musical Background: Bill is an accomplished self-taught musician. He has been playing music since 1970 and has played in musicals and stage plays as well as live session recordings and cover bands. Bill has made many appearances as a live stage musician for stage plays, concerts and clubs gigs. He continues to enjoy playing at the annual August Quarterly Gospel event held in Wilmington Delaware each year. Bill has performed with groups such as The Sound Andre Hoxter, Wilmington Mass Choir and many others. Bill’s favorite musical styles are funk, Smooth Jazz and fusion gospel.



Musical Influences: George Benson, Santana, Earl Klugh, Jeff Beck, B.B. King, Frank Gamble, Commodores, WAR, Four Play, Mandrill, Frankie Beverly & Maze, Peter Gabriel and Billy Cobham.


Tierre Waters

Show Arranger and Producer

Instruments: Drums, Auxiliary Percussion

Place of Birth: New Castle, DE

Current Residence: New Castle, DE 

Musical Background: Tierre Waters is a 35 year old Music Producer, Composer, Creator, Director, Arranger, and Drummer from New Castle, Delaware. He has performed with many  renowned artists throughout his professional musician career.

Tierre produces music for local artists throughout the Tri-State area. Tierre is very influential in the community and he shares his talents teaching boys and girls marching drumline for Christina Cultural Arts Center and various other community drumline organizations.

Musical Influences: Aaron Spears, Tony Royster Jr, Brian Frasier Moore


Perry Williams

Instruments: Saxophonist

Place of Birth: 

Current Residence: Wilmington, Delaware

Musical Background: Perry Williams is accomplished practitioner of the Saxophones. His unique, interesting, and diverse sound is influenced by yesterday and today's bebop, blues and soul music. His work as a sideman encompasses leading band sax sections; to performing and recording with notable artists from West Virginia to Delaware. He is currently performing with Keepers of the Flame as well as multi-genre Delaware project the Fuzaholics.



Donna Tucker - Jones

Instruments: Vocalist

Place of Birth: Staten Island, New York

Current Residence: Wilmington, DE

Donna Tucker-Jones , a native New Yorker who has sang in various music groups that performed at venues such as; The Bitterend, Sardi’s and The  Bottomline in NYC.  Donna currently resides in Wilmington, DE , and had opportunities to continue to sing with groups such as; International ensemble FRUITS OF THE SPIRIT(Suzzette Oritz);  the gospel chorale DIVINE GENERATION (the late Sandra Lewis); Jazz trio FORTUNE, VINSON AND CRUSE; The JENKINS PROJECT and currently THE FUZAHOLICS.  Donna has also recorded on various projects in the Wilmington area, such as with  recording artist Darnell Miller (Jesus and Jameson CD); Michael Jenkins (Akademia award winner Cry Just a Little); and a  vocalists in DELAWARE ARTIST FOR CHANGE -Freedom Call.

Frantastic Noise


Vocal Arranger

Instruments: Vocalist

Place of Birth: Philadelphia

Current Residence: Philadelphia

  Frantastic Noise is the sassy & soulful singer/songwriter born & raised in West Philly. With a vivacious style, Frantastic Noise has entertained on network TV and in front of live audiences throughout the New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware regions.

Frantastic Noise infuses her music & live concerts sets with her love of R&B, hiphop, and soul, but never forgets her deep-rooted foundation in gospel. She draws her inspiration from the greats like Luther Vandross to Lizzo and Mahalia Jackson to Mary J. Blige.

Frantastic loves to bond & build with her fellow Noisemakers in music & life and encourages others to be real & bring their authentic noise to the party. She enjoys bringing her authentic noise to the Fuzaholic family.

Quinetta Peterson


Instruments: Vocalist

Place of Birth: 

Current Residence: Philadelphia, PA

Quinetta affectionately known as “Quin”, has been singing from a young age. From the halls of middle school to the church choirs she could be found singing! It’s been said you could hear her full voice from a distance and know “that’s Quin!” Currently that distance has expanded and Quin has performed on multiple platforms throughout the Eastern United States.


Quin’s love of music started at very young age with multiple influences! Many would assume, because of the deep roots her family has in church, that the love was born there, but that’s just a portion. Around her home artist like Whitney Houston, Patti Labelle, and Anita Baker had a strong presence!! After belting out a few of those notes Quin realized she could actually sing! One of her favorite singers was her very own Aunt Tryphosa “Phosie” Williams, whose voice was somewhat of a Stephanie Mills mixed with a heavy New York accent! From singing to writing Quin loves all the creativeness that is found in music!


Quin’s spiritual roots and empathic nature helps her to connect to her audience! Often shy, but you can never really tell once she starts to sing! So be on the look out for Quin!!! Better yet listen out for her, so you can be the next to say "That's Quin!!!"

Jake Greenwood

Instruments: Guitarist

Place of Birth: 

Current Residence: Middletown, DE

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